Aoko, Arcueid, Ryougi, and Saber by Mofu

Aoko, Arcueid, Ryougi, and Saber by Mofu

This is a very interesting week for Kansai arcade a-cho as they have a ton of events lined up for the airdash fighters!  5/3 was their annual Melty Blood a-cho cup event, 5/4 was a Guilty Gear XX Accent Core 5on5, and the rest of the weekend has a bunch of Blazblue events.  I was expecting them to stream all of these on their ustream, but much to my disappointment it didn’t happen!  Maybe they didn’t want to conflict with KVO or something.

In any case, even if the events weren’t streamed, a-cho is doing a very speedy job of getting the videos out on their Youtube, as the MBAACC 5on5 footage is already upped in its entirety!  Great play all around, and we also see the return of some old faces like Messhii and Wagu.

Gane(Maids), Hikonyan(Kohamech), X(Nero), AOI(Hime), kuga(PCL) vs Shuu(VAkiha), T.N(Kohaku), Tetsu(Arc), You(Arc), Niiya(Seifuku)

22:32 Miyoreri(Hisui), Mikan(WLen), Ragu(Ciel), Aki(Nanaya), Tita(Nero) vs GO1(Akiha), Yamakonbu(Nanaya), Ieda(Ryougi), Kanna(Ries), Kou(Seifuku)

42:36 Wagu(Hisui), FT(Miyako), Hyonkell(Ries), Misora(Hime), Gintoki(Aoko) vs J-Anson(Roa), Waka(Maids), Ten(Hisui), Yuu(Sion), Highspeed(Wara)

1:10:32 Madarame(Akiha), Messhi(Maids), Kaito(Nero), Zawawa(Sion), SAT(Nero) vs Mr. Protoprahe(Hisui), Maruyan(Mech), Mudaniku(Kouma), Akaboshi(Satsuki), Rakuchan(Len)

Kanna(Ries), Yamakonbu(Nanaya), Ieda(Ryougi), GO1(Akiha), Kou(Seifuku) vs kuga(PCL), Gane(Maids), Hikonyan(Kohamech), X(Nero), AOI(Hime)

19:49 Wagu(Hisui), FT(Miyako), Misora(Hime), Hyonkell(Ries), Gintoki(Aoko) vs Madarame(Akiha), Kaito(Nero), Messhii(Maids), Zawawa(Sion), SAT(Nero)

38:26 Madarame(Akiha), Kaito(Nero), Messhii(Maids), Zawawa(Sion), SAT(Nero) vs Kou(Seifuku), GO1(Akiha), Yamakonbu(Nanaya), Ieda(Ryougi), Kanna(Ries)