Kishima Kouma by Wanyuwa

Kishima Kouma by Wanyuwa

I’ve finally gotten the bulk of the Final Round XV MBAACC footage up on the MeltyBread Youtube account.  It includes the entirety of the 3on3 teams tournament on Friday and the pre-top 8 matches on Saturday.  These were all streamed by Rayza on his 4G smartphone.  Who would have thought that phone internet could be so godlike?

I have not uploaded the top 8 matches on Sunday, because those were streamed by FunkyP.  From what I hear, along with streaming he also captured all of the footage locally so there’s a good chance he’ll put Melty top8 on his Youtube account.  He already has Guilty Gear grand finals uploaded!

Anywho, the Melty tournament at FRXV was pretty amazing.  At 73 entrants, it was one of the biggest MB tournaments in the game’s competitive history in the US.  It also had the 2 returning Japanese guests, Garu and Chelsea who had previously attended Evolution 2010.  And of course, it had a surprise entrant in the form of everyone’s favorite troll Kusoru!

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MBAACC 3on3 Team tournament
[Into the Sky! Blazing Hearts]
Chelsea(H-VSion), Jimmy(F-Arc), LordPangTong(VAkiha)
[Roku Does Dallas]
Texas Tim(H-VSion), Cookie(F-Mech), Denthorn(C-Arc)

[RIP Jimmy’s Car ;_;]
Rei(C-Arc), Rayza(Sion), RoverRuckus(Nanaya)
[Team GA]
Victor(F-Ryougi), Ben(C-Satsuki), ZomB(H-Akiha)

[Team Chattanooga]
JDigi(H-VAkiha), Tetsu(H-Nanaya), Whiskey7(C-Wara)
[Why did the Sandoori cross the road?]
Numakie(C-Hisui), bellreisa(Ries), HF Blade(Ciel)

[Roku the Gathering]
Coren(C-Roa), Choco(F-Hisui), Silent Shinobi(Arc)
[Mahou Shoujo Roku Magica]
ehrik(C-Wara), Komidol(F-Kohaku), Garu(H-Kohaku)

[Team Canada]
LaN5x(H-Aoko), Bill307(C-WLen), Madscientist(F-Sion)
[My Little Roku: Option Selects are Magic]
Pfhor(C-Kohaku), Voomer(Nero), DivineArc(Roa)

[Naruto and the Secret Society]
Zeal(F-Aoko), Yui(C-Nanaya), Malik(H-Kouma)
[Into the Sky! Blazing Hearts]
LordPangTong(H-VAkiha), Jimmy(Arc), Chelsea(VSion)

[RIP Jimmy’s Car]
Rei(C-Arc), Rayza(H-Sion), RoverRuckus(C-Nanaya)
[Why did the Sandoori cross the road?]
Numakie(C-Hisui), bellreisa(F-Ries), HF Blade(C-Ciel)

[Roku the Gathering]
Coren(C-Roa), Silent Shinobi(F-Arc), Choco(Hisui)
[Roku Consomme]
Woof(F-Seifuku), DJcream(C-WLen), Hyperhal(F-Aoko)

[My Little Roku: Option Selects are Magic]
DivineArc(C-Roa), Pfhor(C-Kohaku), Voomer(Nero)
[We 3 King$]
GenericSuperhero(F-Nero), LordKnight(H-Kohaku), Tonberry(C-Maids)

[RIP Jimmy’s Car ;_;]
Rei(C-Arc), Rayza(H-Sion), RobertRuckus(Nanaya)
[Into the Sky! Blazing Hearts]
Chelsea(H-VSion), Jimmy(F-Arc), LordPangTong(H-VAkiha)

16:30 [Roku the Gathering]
Silent Shinobi(F-Arc), Coren(C-Roa), Choco(F-Hisui)
[My Little Roku: Option Selects are Magic]
Voomer(C-Nero), DivineArc(C-Roa), Pfhor(C-Kohaku)

39:37 Grand finals
[RIP Jimmy’s Car ;_;]
Rei(C-Arc), RoverRuckus(C-Nanaya), Rayza(H-Sion)
[My Little Roku: Option Selects are Magic]
Voomer(C-Nero), Pfhor(C-Kohaku), DivineArc(Roa)

Singles tournament, pre top 8
Bill307(C-WLen) vs LordKnight(H-Kohaku)
11:42 Barsed Farkus(H-Mech) vs Xianoir(C-Len)
20:01 Spinning Robo(H-VAkiha) vs TetsuAKA(C-Ciel)

LordPangTong(H-VAkiha) vs GenericSuperhero(CF-Nero)
11:04 Solidplay(F-Ries) vs Garu(H-Kohaku)
21:51 Kusoru(F-Kouma) vs SilentShinobi(H-Arc)
27:50 Whiskey7(C-Wara) vs Numakie(C-Hisui)
33:55 Pfhor(C-Kohaku) vs LordKnight(H-Kohaku)
38:42 Choco(F-Hisui) vs Brandino(F-Ciel)
46:12 Zeal(F-Aoko) vs Garu(H-Kohaku)
52:00 GenericSuperhero(C-Nero) vs Chelsea(F-Arc)

bellreisa(F-WLen) vs Garu(H-Kohaku)
5:40 ZomB(H-Akiha) vs LordKnight(H-Kohaku)
13:27 Tonberry(C-Maids) vs Brandino(F-Ciel)
19:50 Kusoru(F-Kouma) vs Kid Viper(F-Kouma)
27:28 Kusoru(F-Kouma) vs Coren(C-Roa)
35:11 SolidPlay(F-Ries) vs Choco(F-Hisui)
41:23 Xianoir(C-Len) vs LordPangTong(H-VAkiha)
49:48 Voomer(C-Nero) vs LordPangTong(H-VAkiha)
1:02:44 Numakie(C-Hisui) vs Tempered(C-Sion)

Rei(C-Arc) vs SpinningRobo(C-Ciel)
5:55 Rei(C-Arc) vs Solidplay(F-Ries)
13:09 Kusoru(F-Kouma) vs WyvernLord(F-Arc)
23:40 Pfhor(C-Kohaku, C-Maids) vs GenericSuperhero(C-Nero)
39:15 DJcream(H-Hisui) vs Tempered(C-Sion)
45:20 Denthorne(C-Arc) vs Komidol(F-Kohaku)
54:20 bellreisa(F-WLen) vs Kusoru(F-Kouma)

Silent Shinobi(H-Arc) vs Rei(C-Ryougi, C-Arc)
7:42 HF Blade(C-Ciel) vs ehrik(C-Wara)
20:30 Garu(H-Kohaku) vs LordKnight(H-Kohaku)
32:12 Tonberry(C-Maids) vs Lobster Luckus(C-Nanaya)
45:30 Rayza(H-Sion) vs Numakie(C-Hisui)
55:17 Chelsea(F-Arc) vs Silent Shinobi(H-Arc)

Robert Rockus(C-Nanaya) vs Silent Shinobi(H-Arc)
5:11 svx(H-Len, C-NAC) vs Pfhor(C-Kohaku)
9:12 Yui(C-Nanaya) vs bellreisa(F-WLen, F-Ries)
15:25 Rayza(H-Sion) vs bellreisa(F-WLen, F-Roa)
23:50 Denthorne(C-Arc) vs Tempered(C-Sion)
33:50 HF Blade(C-Ciel) vs Tempered(C-Sion)
44:24 Pfhor(C-Kohaku) vs Garu(H-Kohaku)