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To prepare for the upcoming Kanto Saikyou Ketteisen event at the end of April, Takadanobaba Mikado has really been going all out with the Guilty Gear events.  They’ve recently been averaging three 3on3 tournaments every week!  In addition, they’ve also been streaming several first-to-five exhibition match sets between the top players, and some of the footage has been released today. These matches are AMAZING, and I highly recommend watching them all even if you don’t play any of these characters.  I guess there’s just something about playing in a casual, exhibition environment(instead of a tournament […]

Yes, legendary Japanese Potemkin player FAB has made a Testament combo video!  Probably the biggest surprise in the world of Guilty Gear this week.  It’s pretty amazing, and very much on par with Shonen’s Nightmare series.  Even if you don’t play the character, this is a great watch. 【ニコニコ動画】【GGXXAC】テスタメント コンボムービー 「人形遣い」