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Valentine’s character trailer for Skullgirls is finally out on GameTrailers in delicious 60fps HD quality!  And only a day before Valentine’s Day, too.  It seems like she shares the same theme song as Peacock, unless her theme just hasn’t been composed yet.  Most of the things shown in the video have already been demonstrated in previous videos like Friday Night Fights and Machinima’s walkthrough, so I feel the release timing could have been better, but it’s still a very stylish montage for an awesome character. EDIT: It’s up on Youtube now!

The guys over at Machinima have a great Skullgirls treat for us this weekend, a 3 part video walkthrough of Skullgirls and Valentine!  With Ecko and Mike Z on board, they run through the general gameplay elements of Skullgirls and the various training mode features.  It’s very nice to see hitstun and blockstun bars implemented in training mode.  I’ve only seen two fighting games(Eternal Fighter Zero and Immaterial and Missing Power) have that feature, and it’s something that I wish all games would pick up. This is the first footage that has the complete version […]

Ravidrath’s newest post on the US Playstation blog has a brief run through of the different play modes and features available in Skullgirls, including custom soundtracks and an in depth tutorial.  There’s also a preview of the game’s Story Mode, which looks very visual novel influenced like that of Blazblue’s.  Apparently Parasoul doesn’t have a permanent frown on her face because she’s actually shown smiling in one of the preview shots.  The custom movie posters that every character has are amazing: I really hope they’re released in high quality someday!  There’s a ton of new […]

The newest edition of Friday Night Friday Skullgirls on GameTrailers has some cool stuff on display, featuring Sanchez playing solo Parasoul vs Render playing solo Valentine!  It’s a very close match, with each round going down to the wire.  Sanchez’s Parasoul is really good, but the real highlight is in Valentine, as there’s a bunch of new stuff that wasn’t shown in last week’s FNF. First off, her cinematic Level 3 super gets used here, and it is glorious.  Izuna Drops are always hype.  You also get to see her syringe projectile get used to […]

The Skullgirls crew has a great treat in store for us today with the latest edition of Friday Night Fights on GameTrailers, featuring Dyselon playing Cerebella/Filia and Jason D playing solo Valentine.  This is the first HD match footage we have of Valentine, and she is pretty awesome. She uses her own version of the Body Replacement Technique(something you see in a lot of ninja fiction), disappearing and leaving behind a medical bag when ground teching.  It seems that the build used in this video is newer than the one displayed at SoCal Regionals, because […]