Running out of titles to use for these posts, so here is the fourth batch of Guilty Gear Xrd qualifier videos for the Arc Revolution Cup! Before we get to that, some news. This was the last real weekend of qualifiers, but if you count up the players, you will see that there are only 30. The final 2 spots are special in that one of them is a last chance qualifier, and the other is designed to give new players a chance. Basically, only people born after 1989 are allowed to join. You might remember that the Pre Arc Revo Cup event at a-cho had a similar tournament. While I think it is silly for them to attempt to coddle new players into the game like this, it is true that all of the dominant players in GGXrd right now are GG veterans. Guilty Gear also has this reputation of being an old man game as well.

Millia: Kanata, Toruso, Nakamura, Woshige
Faust: Nage, Defure, Tejinashi, OsakaB
Ramlethal: Daiji, saryu, Karinchu, Day

Chipp: Samitto, Endou, Raigou
Venom: Isamu, Fino, Mortal

Bedman: Tsubu, LOX
Potemkin: Konsome, FAB
Ky: Rozu, Ain
Sol: 012, Uki
I-No: Hasegawa, U-Zen
Slayer: Taka, Hase


You know the drill by now. Click on the break to view this week’s set of qualifier videos!

2014/7/26 Area Qualifiers at Game Magma Max
OSCA(I-No) vs Hase(Slayer)
310(Venom) vs Machaboo(Sol)
Hase(Slayer) vs Machaboo(Sol)

2014/7/26 Area Finals at Game Magma Max
Toruso(Millia) vs Elvenshadow(Faust)
JUN(Millia) vs Hase(Slayer)
JUN(Millia) vs Toruso(Millia)

2014/7/27 Area Qualifiers at Gamechariot Goi
Watano(May) vs Hiroshi(Slayer)
3:42 Hase(Slayer) vs Shachou(Zato)
6:04 Jigoku Ningyou(Bedman) vs Watano(May)
9:37 Ogiwara(Sol) vs Shachou(Zato)
13:32 Jigoku Ningyou(Bedman) vs Ogiwara(Sol)

2014/7/27 Area Finals at Gamechariot Goi
Touji(Axl) vs Tsu(Zato)
1:56 Rion(Ky) vs Ogiwara(Sol)
4:43 One Chen(May) vs Nakamura(Millia)
7:51 Rion(Ky) vs One Chan(May)
11:55 Nakamura(Millia) vs Ogiwara(Sol)
15:12 Tsu(Zato) vs Nakamura(Millia)

2014/8/3 Area Qualifiers at Tokyo Leisureland Akihabara
Part 1
Rion(Ky) vs Roi(Sol)
4:46 PEN(Zato) vs Sharon(Ramlethal)
8:04 K(Sol) vs Rou(Slayer)
11:03 Takuya(Faust) vs JUN(Millia)
15:40 Hiraoka(Ky) vs Chibita(Sol)
18:57 min(Ramlethal) vs K(Sol)
23:32 Ogiwara(Sol) vs Shachou(Zato)
28:13 Hase(Slayer) vs JUN(Millia)

Part 2
Top 8
Roi(Sol) vs Chibita(Sol)
5:20 itou(Zato) vs Sharon(Ramlethal)
7:55 K(Sol) vs Shachou(Zato)
11:45 Hase(Slayer) vs Kakkou(Ramlethal)

Top 4
14:06 Roi(Sol) vs Sharon(Ramlethal)
16:19 Hase(Slayer) vs K(Sol)

Grand finals
19:28 Hase(Slayer) vs Sharon(Ramlethal)

2014/8/3 Area Finals at Tokyo Leisureland Akihabara
Nekosuke(Faust) vs Amethyst(Ramlethal)
6:38 J.T(Millia) vs Suke(Sol)
12:32 Hase(Slayer) vs Batako(Ramlethal)
21:41 Nekosuke(Faust) vs J.T(Millia)
30:57 Hase(Slayer) vs 2rio(I-No)

Grand finals
36:37 Hase(Slayer) vs J.T(Millia)

2014/8/3 Area Qualifiers at monte50
GURE(Ramlethal) vs Kanegon(May)
Kuni(Ramlethal) vs k.o.h
Tabi no Tatsujin(Sol) vs Kedako(May)
Tabun(Zato) vs Riiba(Sol)
Seri(Faust) vs Kanegon(May)
Kedako(May) vs Nonto(May)
O(Zato) vs Kanegon(May)
Kedako(May) vs Tabun(Zato)
Kedako(May) vs O(Zato)

2014/8/3 Area Finals at monte50
C.R(Sol) vs MGA(Potemkin)
Shindasu(Sol) vs C.R(Sol)
Shindasu(Sol) vs MGA(Potemkin)
Efute(May) vs Day(Ramlethal)
MGA(Potemkin) vs Day(Ramlethal)

2014/8/3 Area Qualifiers at G-STAGE Nanakuma

2014/8/3 Area Finals at G-STAGE Nanakuma