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Aaaaaaaand it’s a bit late, but today the US Playstation Blog posted the character trailer for Double!  Stylish as usual, and the trailer even has a glimpse of what looks like a Gradius minigame! In addition, the release date of Skullgirls has been officially announced to be April 10th on PSN and April 11th on XBox Live Arcade.  There’s no set date yet for the European release, but it should come out in the following weeks of the US release. The official Skullgirls website has also announced that Autumn Games will be sponsoring a number […]

The 8th and final Skullgirls character has finally been revealed to be Double!  She was shown last night on Spike GTTV with a very quick 30 second segment, and today Gametrailers has posted a two part character walkthrough for her with Mike Z narration.  Her character page on the official Skullgirls website has also been added.  As Mike Z says, she is super gross, being a shapeshifting Eldritch abomination and all.  Many of her moves have her transforming into the other characters of Skullgirls.  Some of them are just modified versions of existing moves, but […]