Jonio has announced the next Mikado Masters event, and it is actually coming up soon! It will be happening on the weekend of November 22, and will be a 3 day event. I have a feeling that the quick announcement was due to the previous Mikado Masters having such a poor turnout. It was on the weekend of October 11, which conflicted with a-cho’s Guilty Gear 12 anniversary special event. So, many of the top Kanto players ended up going to a-cho instead. Anyway, the schedule so far is:
11/22: GGXrd singles, 3on3 tournament
11/23: GGXrd Newcomers tourney, Ladies only tourney, and East vs West team event
11/24: GGXX AC+R 3on3, GGXrd random team tourney

Recently, 4gamer unveiled their wiki for Guilty Gear Xrd. It has a TON of useful information, like frame data for every character, move images, and move property descriptions. There are even basic combo videos for every character! Along with Ruu and Kedako’s research, these are the closest we have to an official mook at the moment. For English speakers, the frame data is being translated and put up on the Dustloop wiki.

Aksys has officially announced the release date for the US version of Guilty Gear Xrd to be December 16! This is great news and quite a surprise considering their release date history with Blazblue. You can see all the details on the official US site.