Recently, Karinchu traveled to the Chubu region and was recorded played against several players from the Nagoya GGXrd scene. If you are at all interested in learning Ramlethal Valentine, these videos are a must watch. It is pretty much the Nagoya GG scene getting stomped by the #1 ranked Ram player.

Sasashima Leisureland
Karinchu vs Saichorou(Millia), Tights(Zato), Nanore(Slayer), Daiji(Ramlethal)
Karinchu vs Saichorou(Millia)
Karinchu vs Tights(Zato)
Karinchu vs Nanore(Slayer)
Karinchu vs Daiji(Ramlethal)

Port24 Issha
Karinchu vs Daiji(Ramlethal), Fujihou(Sol)
Karinchu vs Uki(Sol), Tonkatsu(May), sugi(Chipp), Uki(Sol)
Karinchu vs Uki(Sol), Daiji(Ramlethal), Tonkatsu(May), sugi(Chipp)
Karinchu vs Daiji(Ramlethal), Uki(Sol), Tonkatsu(May), Hoshi(Ky)
Karinchu vs Hoshi(Ky), Tonkatsu(May), Daiji(Ramlethal)
Karinchu vs Hoshi(Ky), Tonkatsu(May)

Comtech Square
Karinchu vs Daiji(Ramlethal), Tights(Zato)
Karinchu vs Nabe(Millia), Daiji(Ramlethal)
Karinchu vs Daiji(Ramlethal), Tights(Zato), Nabe(Millia)
Karinchu vs Nabe(Millia), Tights(Zato)
Karinchu vs Tights(Zato)
Karinchu vs Tights(Zato), Daiji(Ramlethal)