Ramlethal Valentine by Fumio

Ramlethal Valentine by Fumio

The official Arc Revolution Cup website just updated with the tourney format for all 3 games. Unfortunately, it’s as I expected: Xrd will be a 1v1 single elimination tourney. There was a bit of protest from the Japanese playerbase in last year’s Arc Revo when this format was used, but I guess it’s hard to justify a teams format for GG when its roster size got reduced from 25 to 14. But interestingly enough, the BB tourney format will be 2on2.

Guilty Gear Xrd has been featured in the past two Arcadia issues with some great articles! Arcadia REMIX has a nice interview with Ogawa with an overview of his history with the GG series as well as his impressions of Ramlethal. He is also asked for his opinion on the game’s character rankings for Ver 1.02, which I have transcribed below. You can view the article here. Credits go to Kurushii for scanning and uploading this.
S Zato Chipp Faust
A Ky Sol Millia May Ramlethal(projected)
B Everyone else

The next issue has an interview with Machaboo, who is just as much of a GG veteran as Ogawa. You can view the article here: credits again go to Kurushii. He is also asked to give his own tier list of the game, which I have transcribed below. This is the same list in a previous post I made, where he was asked this question during an H.H stream.
S Zato Sol Faust Millia
A Chipp Ky May Axl
B I-No Slayer Bedman Ramlethal
C Venom
D Potemkin

It is interesting to note when these lists were made. Arcadia Remix was released on 4/18, the H.H stream where Machaboo gave his list was on 4/12, and GG Xrd Ver 1.02(which added Ramlethal) came out on 4/8. They were both made within days of Ramlethal’s release, which is probably why Ogawa made a special note about her position being projected.

All.net P-ras Multi has announced that they will be running an official set of tournaments again on 5/25! It will feature the same 3 games as last time: GG Xrd, DOA5U, and Dengeki Bunko Climax. This time, it will be held in Game Corner Toubu in Sendai. Don’t get your hopes up for a live stream, because there wasn’t one last time. But the videos should get uploaded on Nico eventually.

4gamer put up a a really good article recently where they interviewed both Daisuke and Pachi. They talk a lot about Xrd’s development and how the new mechanics came into place. This may sound weird, but I was really pleased to hear about how much they struggled with adding new mechanics(while taking away old ones). It means that they were really thinking about how to satisfy both the veterans of the game as well as new players. I admit that my initial impressions of Xrd were really negative, so I’m happy to hear that all of the changes were thoroughly discussed and brainstormed. They also talk about the inspirations behind some of the re-designs that a number of returning characters got, as well as the inspirations behind the two new characters Bedman and Ramlethal.

I also totally missed this a while back, but Famitsu published an article about the official tournament at Tokyo Leisureland. There is an interview with Machaboo which is a good read.

Chaos Online is a Korean MOBA that has characters from many different IPs, including Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. Recently, they have announced the addition of Bridget and Jam! There is no real extended footage yet, but you can some very short trailers as well as a special red/black palette that all the GG characters can get in the game. The palette video also has a preview of what Jam and Bridget sound like in the Korean version of the game!
Red/Black palette