Ramlethal Valentine by Misao

Ramlethal Valentine by Misao

Writing this post because I know a lot of people want to watch Guilty Gear Xrd in high definition. Anyone who follows any non-Capcom fighting games knows that it is difficult to find footage in HD. There are a number of reasons for this, ranging from many Japanese players and arcades not having good capture cards, to the filesize and bitrate limitations on Nicovideo. Xrd is a beautiful game, so a lot of the finer details in the presentation get lost in many of the videos available. So here is the currently available 720p match footage of this game! Some of the stronger players here that I’d recommend watching are Kedako, eki-chan, Kuni, Isamu, and LOX.

Amipara Technoland 2014/3/9 singles tourney
Part 1

Omito(Faust) vs Niiyama(Axl)
2:32 Kazane(Axl) vs Begasu(Ky)
5:02 Ashura(Zato) vs Mahotsuka(May)
8:02 Toikun(Sol) vs KEY(Ky)
10:44 Hikyaku(Axl) vs Eruo(Slayer)

Part 2

Tenkyo(Sol) vs Pokumon(Ky)
3:29 Guge(Faust) vs U-Zen(Millia)
5:34 Hikyaku(Axl) vs Begasu(Ky)
7:40 Ashura(Zato) vs Niiyama(Axl)
10:48 Tenkyo(Sol) vs Toikun(Sol)
13:04 Nikko(I-No) vs U-Zen(Millia)

Part 3

Ashura(Zato) vs Begasu(Ky)
3:11 Toikun(Sol) vs Nikko(I-No)
6:39 Ashura(Zato) vs Nikko(I-No)
8:39 Toikun(Sol) vs Begasu(Ky)

Monte50 2014/3/12 singles tourney
GAN(Potemkin) vs Messhii(Chipp)
eki-chan(Millia) vs Kedako(May)
Kuni(Ky) vs Kuro(Sol)
Messhii(Chipp) vs Matsuhisa(Sol)
eki-chan(Millia) vs Kuni(Ky)
Messhii(Chipp) vs Rokka(I-No)
Poropiccho(Bedman) vs Kuni(Ky)
Takuya(Faust) vs Matsuhisa(Sol)
Yassan(Sol) vs GAN(Potemkin)
GAN(Potemkin) vs Kedako(May)
Takuya(Faust) vs Kedako(May)
Takuya(Faust) vs Rokka(I-No)
Poropiccho(Bedman) vs Rokka(I-No)
Poropiccho(Bedman) vs Takuya(Faust)

G-Com Wajiro 2014/3/15 singles tourney
Kuu(Sol) vs Agata(Ky)
Minoru(May) vs Nakamura(May)
Takarin(Axl) vs Run(Ky)
Babachipp(Chipp) vs Joseph(Ky)
Umepii(Sol) vs Yamato(Sol)
LOX(Bedman) vs JET(Slayer)
Nakayan(Millia) vs Kani(Ky)
Kazuu(Ky) vs Yamashita(Millia)
Isamu(Venom) vs Agata(Ky)
KZO(Zato) vs Minoru(May)
Omi(Potemkin) vs Run(Ky)
Mamo(Ky) vs Joseph(Ky)
Isamu(Venom) vs Yamato(Sol)
LOX(Bedman) vs KZO(Zato)
Kani(Ky) vs Run(Ky)
Joseph(Ky) vs Kazuu(Ky)
LOX(Bedman) vs Isamu(Venom)
Run(Ky) vs Kazuu(Ky)
LOX(Bedman) vs Kazuu(Ky)

G-Com Wajiro 2014/3/15 casual matches