Baiken by Namakemono

Baiken by Namakemono

Now that Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- is out, Jonio has changed the Mikado GG tournament schedule to accommodate the influx of new players! It is now
Tuesday: GGXX AC+R 3on3
Wednesday: GG Xrd Beginner and Intermediate players tournament
Thursday: GG Xrd singles
Saturday: GG Xrd 3on3

It’s really nice to see Mikado still supporting AC+R. Especially since many GG players cannot play their main character in Xrd.

In addition, the Mikado nico community has now been upgraded to a nico channel! The main effect of this is that Mikado nico streams will no longer be on the stupid 30 minute limit. They can now stream as long as they want, which is pretty convenient for everyone.

The GGXrd Player’s Guild site is up, and it functions exactly like the +R version. It has win/loss and other statistics of everybody who has a player card registered, and also shows the player ranks by sheer number of wins and risk rating(aka PSR). The Xrd player’s guild has something very special though, and it is in the addition of voice comments! Players who have a card registered can log in and have their character congratulate them on their performance in matches and for unlocking medals. Kurushii was able to figure to rip the contents of the entire site, including the voice comments. You can find the download links on Dustloop. I am currently being serenaded by Millia’s voice and it is lovely.

Sourenga has been adding English subs to the GGXrd arcade story videos. Unfortunately, his Youtube account has recently been suspended for this very reason, but he is continuing his work on Dailymotion. Definitely worth checking out if you’re into this kind of stuff.