Mikado is holding their Arc Revolution Cup local qualifier and area final for Guilty Gear tonight, so you know what that means: there will be a stream! If you’re interested in watching, be sure to check the Mikado nico community page or Jonio’s twitter periodically tonight to see when it goes up.

UPDATE: Jonio has woken up and posted the Nico stream link! It is set to go live at 13:30 on the 31st, which is 9:30 PM PST tonight.

Also, there are two new sets of Arc Revo vids, so I’ll be posting them after the break!

2013/3/17 Qualifiers at Game Ace

Top 4
Taka(Anji) vs Teroda(A.B.A)
2:04 Syuuto(Axl) vs Yu(Kliff)

Grand finals
4:41 Teroda(A.B.A) vs Yu(Kliff)

2013/3/23 Qualifiers at Amusement Ace Tsudanuma
Grand finals – AGF(Anji) vs BOB(Kliff)

2013/3/23 Area Finals at Amusement Ace Tsudanuma
Teroda(A.B.A) vs BOB(Kliff)