Takadanobaba Mikado had a singles tournament yesterday to celebrate the release of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R, and the videos are already up! Shoutouts to Jonio for tirelessly working throughout the week in getting this footage out to us. They are streaming and recording in 4:3 mode, so the sidebars are not visible.

AC+R Day 1 Mikado tournament

Teresa(Jam) vs Koma(Kliff)
FAB(Potemkin) vs DIA(Ky)
Kakishi(A.B.A) vs R-sei(Anji)
Kiisha(Faust) vs Shibui(Potemkin)
Melon(Slayer) vs Renkon(Justice)
Nitoro(HOS) vs OsakaB(Faust)

O2(Axl) vs Fino(Venom)
Koike(Ky) vs Shine(Robo)
Jonio(Johnny) vs Nage(Faust)
Kakishi(A.B.A) vs Uchira(Dizzy)
FAB(Potemkin) vs Tanabata(Slayer)
Kiisha(Faust) vs Renkon(Justice)

Nitoro(HOS) vs Kinoko(Jam)
AGF(Anji) vs O2(Axl)
Kakishi(A.B.A) vs Nage(Faust)
Kiisha(Faust) vs FAB(Potemkin)
Nitoro(HOS) vs Kuni(Baiken)
O2(Axl) vs H2O(Axl)

BoB(Eddie) vs Nage(Faust)
FAB(Potemkin) vs Kuni(Baiken)
O2(Axl) vs Nage(Faust)
O2(Axl) vs FAB(Potemkin)