Just in time before Accent Core Plus R’s release, Jonio has finished uploading all of the footage for the Last Battle! Day 2 only had one event, which was a completely random team tourney. I have also compiled casuals footage from after the tournament, where Inoue and Woshige played a bunch of FT3 sets with various players. Refer to this post for the Day 1 footage.

The Last Battle Day 2 Random Team tournament

Youtube playlist

The Last Battle Day 2 Inoue kumite

Inoue(HOS) vs Teresa(Jam), U-Zen(I-No), Satou(Johnny), Woshige(Millia)

The Last Battle Day 2 Woshige kumite

Nage(Faust), N-O(Venom), Kiisha(Faust), Roi(Sol) vs Woshige(Millia)