Valentine by Maruwa

Valentine by Maruwa

This is probably old news by now, but Skullgirls is finally out in the United States on PSN!  It will get its worldwide release on XBox Live Arcade tomorrow.

Last night’s UltraChenTV was pretty ridiculous, clocking in at almost 4 hours which is easily their longest show.  Unfortunately there were some lag issues at some points, but other than that it was very informative.  Mike Z and David have some pretty good chemistry.  Since there was lag, the stream had to be reset a number of times, so you can watch the Skullgirls archive here, with all the video dated April 9th.

So now that the game’s out, here are some resources to get you started.  First off, the developers didn’t have enough time to put in movelists into the game, so for now they are available in .pdf format on the official Skullgirls website.  But fear not, because Mike Z did mention on last night’s show that the movelists will eventually be patched in, along with other things like bigger lobbies, spectator mode, replays, more training mode features, and of course, more characters.

There are also two Skullgirls wikis up right now, Shoryuken’s and Dustloop’s.  Right now, the wikis just have complete movelists, game features, and system esoterics, but they should be filled out as time goes by.  I also have no clue as to which one people are mostly going to be using, so I’m just linking them both here.

Have fun with the game!