More great Mikado casuals footage out today!  Volume 44 contains a variety of players, including Otogamer, a really good Sol player who I’ve never seen before.  Volume 45 has a great set between Taku Slayer and FAB Potemkin, and 46 again features Taku vs Mugen Bridget.

Volume 44
Satou(Johnny) vs Fino(Venom)
Melon(Eddie) vs Otogamer(Sol)
Teresa(Jam) vs Goldolphin(May)
Melon(Eddie) vs Otogamer(Sol)
Nage(Faust) vs Mugen(Bridget)

Volume 45
Taku(Slayer) vs FAB(Potemkin)

Volume 46
Mugen(Bridget) vs Taku(Slayer)