Here is something very interesting that I forgot to post two weeks ago.  Hitboxes for Guilty Gear XX Accent Core are now available!  Apparently the French Chipp player Joe Higashi is the one we have to thank for this.  Unfortunately, the quality of the images are rather poor, since they were taken with a camera aimed at a screen.  I’m curious as to how he’s making the hitboxes visible, because if that information could be passed on to someone with capture equipment, we can get higher quality hitboxes!

Something I should note about the hitboxes is that the unusual choice of color coding.  Normally, the “hitbox”(the part of an attack that can actually hit the opponent) is red, while the “hurtbox”(the part of an attack where the attacker is vulnerable) is blue/green.  In these, the colors are reversed.  Meaning that the hitboxes are blue and the hurtboxes are red.  So keep that in mind, because I was really thrown off by it at first!