The 2010 Guilty Gear video section has now been brought up to date with all the direct downloadable a-cho batch vids that were available. The 10/1 ranbat will be the last a-cho ranbat that will be on this site, since a-cho is now putting all ranbat vids on their zero3japan Youtube account. This is actually pretty good, since the .wmvs that they used to always provide were in low quality, while the zero3japan vids are pretty good quality.

In addition, the purpose of this site has changed. Originally, we wanted Norematch to be a site to archive all the GG match videos that I liked, and provide them for direct download. Eventually, it turned into a site that would completely archive all of the a-cho releases for direct DL. These days, it is very rare for match videos to be direct downloadable, as using video streaming services like Youtube and Nicovideo has proven to be much more convenient, and community oriented. So the new direction of this site will be to archive and link to all notable and major Japanese Guilty Gear tournaments. Whether it be the annual a-cho GG cup, or the multitude of special events that are held around Tougeki time, they will all be linked here. The idea is to have a centralized source of the highest level play of Guilty Gear in videos, as I know from personal experience that while it’s very easy to find match videos online, it’s sometimes hard to find match videos with a good level of play.