Aaaaaaand the Guilty Gear videos from 2009 have been added. This video page is easily the biggest out of all of them, with lots of Nicovideo and Youtube links so give it some time to load before trying to scroll.

2009 was a pretty pivotal year for Guilty Gear. For one, the player base of the game took a hit all around the world with the release of BlazBlue in early 2009. Gamechariot, one of the most well known Japanese arcade websites, stopped including GG in their downloadable video sections later in the year. The arcade Tokyo Ranking Fighters(TRF) in Nakano, mainly known for its Hokuto no Ken players, moved its GG commentary team and its players to Takadanobaba Mikado. TRF Guilty Gear for the most part was pretty low to average level by Japanese standards, but the commentary team consisting of Jonio(Johnny), Adam(Slayer) and HAWK/Hoku(Sol) was very well known. Takadanobaba Mikado would then become the main center of the GG scene, hosting 3on3 tournaments every Wednesday.

2009 was also a special year for GG to me as well, since it was the year that Woshige and Shonen finally won Tougeki.