a-cho held a really big set of special events for the Guilty Gear XX series’ 11th anniversary in arcades about 3 months ago. Lots of players came out from both East and West Japan, so the level of play is especially high. This footage has actually been available for quite some time now.. if you’re wondering why it took me so long to post it, it’s because there was also a special East vs West Japan exhibition streamed during the event. I was waiting for a-cho to post the footage for the exhibition, but they have either lost the videos or just forgot about them altogether. So here are all the available videos from the event. If the exhibition videos do end up getting released in the future, I will update this post accordingly.

There are a TON of videos in this post, so you can check them out after the break!

Singles tournament – 280th ranbat

Ibuki Iruka(May), Atsuki(May), Chonari(Zappa), Kishitaka(Sol)
10:40 Kisshi(Dizzy), Godolphin(May), LOX(Jam), Nakamura(Millia)
21:15 Makki(Dizzy), Woshige(Millia), Kedako(May)
26:56 Tanabata(Slayer), BLUE(Axl), Samitto(Chipp)
32:24 Ruu(Bridget), Izumi(Sol), UMA(Johnny)
43:20 Yakugami(Testament), JUN(Millia), RIN5(Millia)
52:34 Roi(Sol), Osakwas aB(Faust), Yuuki(Eddie), Itsuki(Faust)
1:04:07 Sabamiso(Bridget), Kiisha(Faust), Rokka(I-No), Giorno Giovanna(Axl)
1:15:58 Nununenu(May), Tsukasa(Chipp), Konsome(Potemkin)
1:21:35 Rai(Ky), Mirukii(HOS), Nage(Faust)
1:30:07 Noronoro(HOS), C.R(Sol), Ain(Ky)
1:35:27 FAB(Potemkin), Shokushu(Chipp), Rei(Venom)

Qualifying rounds
1:41:25 Ashura(Zappa) vs Rai(Ky)
1:44:22 Kedako(May) vs C.R(Sol)
1:46:20 E.T(Chipp) vs Rei(Venom)
1:49:06 Giorno Giovanna(Axl) vs LOX(Jam)
1:51:50 Nununenu(May) vs Satou(Johnny)
1:53:34 Kabegiwa no DC(Johnny) vs OsakaB(Faust)
1:56:47 Izumi(Sol) vs Kishitaka(Sol)
1:59:14 Tanabata(Slayer) vs JUN(Millia)
2:02:07 Rei(Venom) vs Kedako(May)
2:03:30 Izumi(Sol) vs Giorno Giovanna(Axl)
2:05:13 Kabegiwa no DC(Johnny) vs Ashura(Zappa)
2:08:53 Tanabata(Slayer) vs Nununenu(May)

Top 20
Konsome(Potemkin) vs Ashura(Zappa)
3:06 Rei(Venom) vs Mirai(Anji)
5:02 Samitto(Chipp) vs Giorno Giovanna(Axl)
6:56 Tanabata(Slayer) vs Kiisha(Faust)
9:42 Konsome(Potemkin) vs Yakugami(Testament)
11:36 Poruporu(Axl) vs Woshige(Millia)
13:46 Mokkun(Jam) vs NOB(Sol)
15:44 Mirai(Anji) vs Yuuki(Eddie)
17:50 Ruu(Bridget) vs Giorno Giovanna(Axl)
20:02 Chonari(Zappa) vs Ain(Ky)
22:00 FAB(Potemkin) vs Godolphin(May)
24:53 Nage(Faust) vs Kiisha(Faust)

28:11 Poruporu(Axl) vs Konsome(Potemkin)
30:38 Yuuki(Eddie) vs NOB(Sol)
33:29 Chonari(Zappa) vs Giorno Giovanna(Axl)
36:20 Godoldphin(May) vs Kiisha(Faust)

40:17 Konsome(Potemkin) vs Yuuki(Eddie)
42:33 Chonari(Zappa) vs Kiisha(Faust)

Battle for 3rd place
44:46 Yuuki(Eddie) vs Kiisha(Faust)

Grand finals
47:12 Konsome(Potemkin) vs Chonari(Zappa)

Same character 3on3 tournament

Ashura, Chonari, eki-chan(Zappa) vs Samitto(Chipp)
9:11 Matsuura, Izumi, NOB(Sol) vs Ringo, Mokkun, LOX(Jam)
17:41 eki-chan, Ashura, Chonari(Zappa) vs Ringo, Mokkun, LOX(Jam)
27:13 Izumi, Matsuura, NOB(Sol) vs Samitto(Chipp)
29:00 NOB, Matsuura, Izumi(Sol) vs Ringo, Mokkun, LOX(Jam)
37:49 BLUE, Poruporu, Giorno Giovanna(Axl) vs OsakaB, Nage, Kiisha(Faust)
50:23 Nununenu, Kedako, Efute(May) vs Kazuki, Makki, Kisshi(Dizzy)
1:01:44 Makki, Kisshi, Kazuki(Dizzy) vs Nage, OsakaB, Kiisha(Faust)
1:07:57 Makki, Kazuki, Kisshi(Dizzy) vs Efute, Nununenu, Kedako(May)
1:13:47 Rikka, Ain, Rozu(Ky) vs Takuan, Godolphin, Lark(May)
1:27:11 Rozu, Ain, Rikka(Ky) vs Tsubonnu, Tsukasa, E.T(Chipp)
1:38:00 Tsubonnu, E.T, Tsukasa(Chipp) vs Godolphin(May)
1:43:50 Sabamiso, Ruu(Bridget) vs Noronoro, Mirukii(HOS)
1:50:38 Konsome, MGA, FAB(Potemkin) vs Kuru, Eternal, Tanabata(Slayer)
1:58:54 Konsome, MGA, FAB(Potemkin) vs Sabamiso, Ruu(Bridget)
2:10:02 Noronoro, Mirukii(HOS) vs Kuru, Eternal, Tanabata(Slayer)
2:14:15 Konsome, MGA, FAB(Potemkin) vs Kuru, Eternal, Tanabata(Slayer)

Matsuura, Izumi, NOB(Sol) vs Rozu, Rikka, Ain(Ky)
6:38 C.R, Kishitaka, Roi(Sol) vs Matsuura, Izumi, NOB(Sol)
18:01 C.R, Kishitaka, Roi(Sol) vs Rikka, Ain, Rozu(Ky)
32:36 Koyonaku, Aki(Baiken) vs Konsome, MGA, FAB(Potemkin)
35:46 Kedako, Efute, Nununenu(May) vs MGA, Konsome, FAB(Potemkin)
47:03 Takuan, Godolphin, Lark(May) vs JUN, Woshige, Nakamura(Millia)
59:40 Konsome, MGA, FAB(Potemkin) vs eki-chan, Ashura, Chonari(Zappa)
1:07:06 Kishitaka, C.R, Roi(Sol) vs Yuuki(Sol)
1:15:30 Sabamiso, Ruu(Bridget) vs OsakaB, Nage, Kiisha(Faust)
1:19:54 Yuuki(Sol) vs Takuan, Godolphin, Lark(May)
1:24:21 eki-chan, Ashura, Chonari(Zappa) vs OsakaB, Nage, Kiisha(Faust)
1:38:00 Takuan, Godolphin, Lark(May) vs eki-chan, Ashura, Chonari(Zappa)

3on3 tournament

masato(Ky), Tenkasu(Anji), Nyarurato(Jam) vs LOX(Jam), Chonari(Zappa), Samitto(Chipp)
7:07 Mirai(Anji), Souryuu(Robo), Rei(Venom) vs Kedako(May), Niiyama(Axl), Izumi(Sol)
18:25 Chonari(Zappa), LOX(Jam), Samitto(Chipp) vs Izumi(Sol), Niiyama(Axl), Kedako(May)
31:00 Mirai(Anji), Rei(Anji), Souryuu(Robo) vs Tenkasu(Anji), masato(Ky), Nyarurato(Jam)
39:27 Rei(Venom), Souryuu(Robo), Mirai(Anji) vs Kedako(May), Niiyama(Axl), Izumi(Sol)
45:53 Shokushu(Chipp) vs Satou(Johnny)
47:28 ShunF(Axl), ASHIKA(Ky), Shokushu(Chipp) vs U-Zen(I-No), Masato(Potemkin), Ashura(Zappa)
52:57 Satou(Johnny), Rozu(Ky), Nakamura(Millia) vs Masato(Potemkin), Ashura(Zappa), U-Zen(I-No)
1:02:00 Hama(HOS), Jack Knife(Sol), MGA(Justice) vs Tsubu(A.B.A), JUN(Millia), Kuma(Testament)
1:08:20 Hama(HOS), MGA(Justice), Jack Knife(Sol) vs Mokuro(I-No), C.R(Sol), Taku(Eddie)
1:17:53 C.R(Sol), Mokuro(I-No), Taku(Eddie) vs Kuma(Testament), JUN(Millia), Tsubu(A.B.A)
1:23:50 Volg(Ky), Yuuma(Dizzy), Nagano(Axl) vs Makoto(HOS), Wanchuu(Zappa), Riiba(Robo)
1:34:06 Shishido(Sol), kazane(Axl), Rikka(Ky) vs Volg(Ky), Yuuma(Dizzy), Nagano(Axl)
1:43:25 kazane(Axl), Shishido(Sol), Rikka(Ky) vs Makoto(HOS), Wanchuu(Zappa), Riiba(Robo)
1:49:50 ShunF(Axl), ASHIKA(Ky) vs Satou(Johnny)
1:56:01 Kaito(Ky), Bikke(Robo), Kisaragi(HOS) vs Kazuki(Dizzy), Day(Testament), eki-chan(Zappa)

Efute(May), Omito(Johnny), Ain(Ky) vs Jirou(Slayer), Murishinjuu(Johnny), Donko(Faust)
6:12 Omito(Johnny), Ain(Ky), Efute(May) vs Ashura(Zappa), Masato(Potemkin), U-Zen(I-No)
19:05 Paira(I-No), Anchan(Bridget), Hana(HOS) vs Izumi(Sol), Kedako(May), Niiyama(Axl)
28:30 Kuro(Zappa), Giorno Giovanna(Axl), Kabegiwa no DC(Johnny) vs Paira(I-No), Anchan(Bridget), Hana(HOS)
34:51 Giorno Giovanna(Axl), Kabegiwa no DC(Johnny), Kuro(Zappa) vs Kedako(May), Izumi(Sol), Niiyama(Axl)

Top 16

Makki(Dizzy), Defure(Faust), Kishitaka(Sol) vs Ruu(Bridget), Woshige(Millia), Kiisha(Faust)
10:58 FAB(Potemkin), Teresa(Jam), Roi(Sol) vs UMA(Johnny), OsakaB(Faust), Konsome(Potemkin)
17:56 Kisshi(Dizzy), NOB(Sol), E.T(Chipp) vs Ain(Ky), Omito(Johnny), Efute(May)
29:03 Samitto(Chipp), Chonari(Zappa), LOX(Jam) vs Tanabata(Slayer), Godolphin(May), Nage(Faust)
35:54 Niiyama(Axl), Kedako(May), Izumi(Sol) vs Taguchi(Kliff), Kuni(Baiken), LARK(May)
48:13 Yuuryou Driver F(Slayer), Airohand(Millia), Susumu(Chipp) vs JUN(Millia), Tsubu(A.B.A), Kuma(Testament)
58:22 eki-chan(Zappa), Kazuki(Dizzy), Day(Testament) vs Takuan(May), ANG(Anji), Eternal(Slayer)
1:04:43 Makoto(HOS), Wanchuu(Zappa), Riiba(Robo) vs Rozu(Ky), Nakamura(Millia), Satou(Johnny)

Top 8

Samitto(Chipp), LOX(Jam), Chonari(Zappa) vs Ruu(Bridget), Kiisha(Faust), Woshige(Millia)
12:45 Satou(Johnny), Rozu(Ky), Nakamura(Millia) vs Day(Testament), eki-chan(Zappa), Kazuki(Dizzy)
21:54 Roi(Sol), Teresa(Jam), FAB(Potemkin) vs JUN(Millia), Kuma(Testament), Tsubu(A.B.A)
32:28 Kuni(Baiken), Taguchi(Kliff), LARK(May) vs Ain(Ky), Omito(Johnny), Efute(May)
39:17 Rozu(Ky), Nakamura(Millia), Satou(Johnny) vs Samitto(Chipp), Chonari(Zappa), LOX(Jam)
52:50 Taguchi(Kliff), LARK(May), Kuni(Baiken) vs Kuma(Testament), JUN(Millia), Tsubu(A.B.A)
1:02:23 LARK(May), Taguchi(Kliff), Kuni(Baiken) vs Rozu(Ky), Nakamura(Millia), Satou(Johnny)
1:11:32 LOX(Jam), Samitto(Chipp), Chonari(Zappa) vs Kuma(Testament), Tsubu(A.B.A), JUN(Millia)