Mikado’s next major Guilty Gear event, the Mikado Masters Cup, has been announced for a while, but the format and date were just recently finalized. It will be going on this weekend, and the schedule is:
7/13: Same Character 3on3, Ladies Tournament, 3on3
7/14: Newcomer’s Tournament, Haisha Kyuushu Tournament
7/15: Random 7on7

So the crazy Haisha Kyuushu format from Sekai Saikyou Ketteisen makes a return here! If you don’t remember, it’s a team tournament where the teams are made by “absorbing” defeated opponents. Like all the other Mikado events, you can expect this to be streamed on the Mikado nico community and Jonio’s twitch channel. Unfortunately, the Mikado Masters Cup happens to be going on during the same weekend as Evolution 2013. So I imagine it might have less players show up as the other Mikado major events.