Arc System Works has finally announced the release date for the PS3/XBox360 AC+R patch to be in Spring of 2013! As many people in the community anticipated, the +R patch will also add extra features to the netplay that were curiously missing from the original release like real lobbies, match spectate, and continuous search for ranked matches. Unfortunately, the official statement mentions nothing about improving the actual netcode, but here’s hoping that gets included as well.

I’ve been keeping the 2012 Videos page up to date recently with all the footage that has been released. There were two pretty big Japanese tournaments that happened on the 15th in the Kansai and Kanto regions. A lot of strong players came out to these, so it’s an excellent watch. The Kanto region had a Mikado 5on5 tourney, and the Kansai region had a 5on5 tourney and a Red vs White team tourney with Woshige, Dogura, and N-O as team captains in Magical Alps.

Mikado 2012/12/15 5on5

Magical Alps 2012/12/15 5on5

Magical Alps 2012/12/15 Red vs White event