Wow, it’s been nearly a month since my last post here! I’ve been enjoying the rest of my summer along with wrapping up some loose ends. I’ve been occupied with a lot of things recently, as I have finally purchased a PS3 with Persona 4 Arena and I’ve also been playing a bit of online poker! There are a lot of different services available, but the one I’ve been using is PartyPoker. It has a lot of cool features, and has a Facebook app so that you can play it on the go if needed. Right now, they’ve got a cool deal in place that allows new members to get an early start with a free $50 in the bankroll!

In addition, standard Texas Holdem poker isn’t the only thing that you can play! Other variations like Omaha and Seven Card Stud are playable as well. They’ve also recently added Blackjack, though I’m not a big fan of playing that online. For the more serious online players, they also have some features that help people who play multiple tables simultaneously, like priority seating and hot hand/big raise notifications. Finally, it’s even available in multiple languages, like the Greek version right here.

In Guilty Gear news, a-cho is holding a really cool Guilty Gear event this entire weekend to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Guilty Gear XX series in arcades. Featuring every single version of the game that was available in arcades, it will also double as the final big Accent Core tournament in the Kansai region, so it’s their version of The Last Battle. Schedule so far is
Day 1: AC singles and Same character 3on3
Day 2: AC 3on3 and #Reload 2on2
Day 3: X, XX, and Slash 2on2
The other cool thing is that while I’m writing this, they are streaming the AC singles on the a-cho ustream channel, so tune in frequently throughout the weekend to join in on the action!