It’s been relatively dry in Guilty Gear news the past few weeks, but things have gotten interesting again with the announcement of a second wave of location tests for Accent Core Plus R!  Perhaps spurred on by numerous complaints of laggy setups the first time around, this event will be held at Club Sega Shinjuku on the weekend of June 30th, aka this weekend!  Arcsys Yamanaka has also tweeted that a complete list of system and character changes will be posted on the official website before the location tests, which is unprecedented as far as I know.  Gonna be crazy!

With Plus R on the horizon, Kuni Baiken has also tweeted the announcement of a sendoff tournament for vanilla Accent Core, appropriately titled The Last Battle.  It will be a two day event held at Takadanobaba Mikado the weekend of August 11th.  So far, they are scheduled to have a singles and 3on3 tourney on Day 1, and still deciding on the format for Day 2.  Since it’s at Mikado, you know what that means: a stream and high quality videos with great commentary!