Megalodon has completed the 9th volume of his TRF and Mikado GGXX Matome series, showcasing a bunch of hilarious moments from their ranbats in the years past.  It’s a great watch as usual, though I wish he did a better job of looping Blue Water Blue Sky.

He also made a Satou matome, which is pretty much a must watch for any Johnny players!

Both of these videos have been added to the Compilation Videos page.

I haven’t been posting updates on it, but Jonio has been putting up the footage of the Sekai Saikyou Ketteisen event from 4/28-4/30. So far, only the Day 1 Newcomers tourney and Singles tourney have been put up. It’s a lot of videos, so I’ll make a separate for everything once all the footage is released. But for now, you can check the 2012 Videos page to see what’s currently been uploaded.