I-No by mixmax

I-No by mixmax

The annual a-cho GGXX AC 5on5 videos are out only a mere 3 days after the event!  AMAZING play here, with several of the battles going down to the final round of the final match between the final members of each team!  Some of the Kanto players like Satou and Nage managed to make it too.  I also want to make a special mention for Dogura, who played much better in this event compared to his disappointing performance in last week’s Sekai Saikyou Ketteisen.  I guess a week was all he needed to shake off the rust!

Ruki(Dizzy), MGA(Potemkin), Sawa(Slayer), Omito(Johnny), Maddo(Venom) vs F-Ki(Potemkin), d(May), Sacchii(Baiken), Burebure(Bridget), Barakocchi(Testament)

19:30 Kedako(May), Sohei(Dizzy), Kabegiwa no DC(Johnny), Korochan(Sol), Mokkun(Jam) vs Kimichi(Ky), Shachou(Eddie), Uma(Dizzy), Takuan(May), Roz(Ky)

38:41 Kuro(Zappa), Defure(Faust), Makkii(Dizzy), ZR(Slayer), Yuki(Eddie) vs Satou(Johnny), N-O(Venom), Dogura(Robo), Chonari(Zappa), Nage(Faust)

57:40 Rina(Dizzy), Kaerukun(Eddie), Tobuun(Robo), Mogura(Baiken), Efute(May) vs Hae(Slayer), K-Mura(Eddie), Ruu(Bridget), Woshige(Millia)

Sawa(Slayer), Omito(Johnny), Ruki(Dizzy), Maddo(Venom), MGA(Potemkin) vs Uma(Dizzy), Takuan(May), Kimuchi(Ky), Shachou(Eddie), Roz(Ky)

12:56 K-Mura(Eddie), Hae(Slayer), Ruu(Bridget), Woshige(Millia) vs Dogura(Robo), Satou(Johnny), N-O(Venom), Nage(Faust), Chonari(Zappa)

Battle for 3rd place
30:19 Uma(Dizzy), Kimuchi(Ky), Shachou(Eddie), Takuan(May), Roz(Ky) vs Satou(Johnny), Nage(Faust), N-O(Venom), Dogura(Robo), Chonari(Zappa)

Grand finals
51:20 Sawa(Slayer), Omito(Johnny), Ruki(Dizzy), Maddo(Venom), MGA(Potemkin) vs K-Mura(Eddie), Ruu(Bridget), Hae(Slayer), Woshige(Millia)