It continues!  Volume 47 and 48 of Megalodon’s compilation of Guilty Gear casual matches at Mikado are a blast from the past, featuring two players I haven’t seen seen in a long time: MINT and Tsubu.  Amazing matches all around: it’s very rare to see good A.B.A play nowadays.

Volume 47
Kedako(May) vs Ogawa(Eddie)
Nekomimi(Axl) vs Tsubu(A.B.A)
OsakaB(Faust) vs Tsubu(A.B.A)
MINT(Testament) vs Ogawa(Eddie)
Nekomimi(Axl) vs Tsubu(A.B.A)
Kedako(May) vs Kiisha(Faust)

Volume 48
MINT(Testament) vs Tsubu(A.B.A)

I also want to mention that I’ve finally added a page for 2012 Videos in the Guilty Gear section. Right now there isn’t much footage, as there have not been any big GG tournaments this year yet. But luckily, that’s all set to change with Kanto Saikyou Ketteisen in the end of April!