Sol Badguy by yukikaseni

Sol Badguy by yukikaseni

If you weren’t paying attention to fighting game stuff this weekend, everyone’s favorite troll Kusoru put on an amazing show at Final Round XV!  This is the first time Kusoru has been in the United States for a fighting game tournament, and he actually came over for free with an FRB sponsorship(FinalRound Bats, the name of the Marvel 3 qualifying tournament he won in Japan).

I was happy to see Final Round XV have a Guilty Gear tournament, but you can bet I was beyond hyped to hear that Kusoru joined it.  And he put on a hilarious performance, winning the tournament in style.  It was interesting to watch Steve H’s normally calm, calculated play break down over time as he got hit by gimmick after gimmick.  Never have I seen him so flustered before.  The tournament was streamed on FunkyP’s channel, and he also has all of top8 uploaded on his Youtube.  Unfortunately the commentary during the tournament was kind of hit or miss.  St1ckBuG was good, but KrazyKorean has some of the worst commentary I’ve ever heard.  There’s even one part where he tries to explain the play on words in Kusoru’s name and completely gets it wrong.  But if you can look past this, there are some good matches, and obviously Kusoru vs USA is a must watch.

Kusoru(Sol) vs Jan(Potemkin)

Kusoru(Sol) vs Kyle(May)

Steve H(Ky) vs Kusoru(Sol)

Much to my surprise, Kusoru plays Melty Blood too!  He joined the MBAACC singles tourney, which ended up getting 73 entrants.  While BlazBlue had 50 something.  HOLD THAT SHIT.  He plays F-Kouma, and he’s actually pretty good for someone who’s not known in this game at all.  The pre-top 8 Melty singles tournament was streamed by Rayza.  I’ve also gotten permission by him to put the 3on3 teams and singles tournament on MeltyBread Youtube, so stay tuned for that throughout the week.

And finally, UMvC3…  he plays a hilarious Viewtiful Joe/Frank West/Rocket Raccoon team.  He actually puts up videos regularly on Nico and Youtube, so I had already seen a bunch of his matches in Japanese netplay tournaments.  I had a feeling he would do well, but I really didn’t think he would make top 8.  The Japanese Marvel scene is a lot smaller than ours, after all.  But he put on a great performance, winning the tournament with hilarious strategies.  He has a natural talent for showmanship as well!  The Marvel tournament was streamed on FunkyP and TeamSp00ky’s channel, and some people on Youtube are already mirroring the Kusoru matches.  I also think they may have gotten his name wrong…  it says FRB AgeoJoe, but I think it’s actually AhegaoJoe.  Totally a name Kusoru would use.

Here he uses his trademark anti-Dark Phoenix tech against Filipino Champ, which is actually something he recently discovered a month before.

Hilarious finishing combo against Flocker! If you’re wondering whether or not he’s really drinking soy sauce, he later tweeted that it was just cola inside there.

Kiraboshi poses!