Mago and Tokido’s Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition stream show Topanga TV had some very special guests today, Kazunoko(aka Inoue) and top Ky/Testament player Machaboo of Guilty Gear fame!  Tokido was not in attendance this time, so Bonchan took his place instead.  Inoue seems to be a regular guest on this show now, but Machaboo was a surprise(for me, at least) as I had no idea he played SSFIV AE.  He plays Fei Long, and shows up at around 49 minutes in.  He starts of by playing a few netplay matches, and then later on plays a few sets with Mago’s and Bonchan’s Sagat.  Given the track record of top Japanese GG players in SSFIV AE, it’s not too surprising that Machaboo’s Fei Long is pretty strong.

SMOAI has taken some of the highlights from this show and upped it on Youtube channel, featuring Machaboo’s sets with Mago and Bonchan.