Well, it is now the end of January and GG Xrd is set to come out sometime during February. I’d really like to apologize for not bringing the entire Millia section of the site up to speed for +R. I got unexpectedly busy and I also wasn’t anticipating Xrd to come out so quickly. As of now, the only Millia sections that got the +R upgrade are Combos and the Videos page. And given Millia’s history in the series, all of the combos will probably become obsolete in the next version!

But that’s not the main reason I’m writing this post. The old Millia doujin “Black in Shadow of Millia Rage in Mind” has gotten an English translation! And here I was thinking that nobody other than me cared about GG doujins. Shoutouts to SaHa for the translation. You can visit his site or go to the Doujins section here to check it out.