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Warcraft III Replays (www.norematch.com/wc3)

Some of these replays are on older versions of the game. More replays will be uploaded on a regular basis.

If you have an impressive replay, please submit it to baamstats@hotmail.com and write "WC3 Replay" in the subject bar, give a short description, and we will be sure to post it.

Ladder Replays

Name Description
4v4: Team Killing Players like these are the bane to random team games. There was an era where many people resorted to team killing; some of those that were victims resorted to do the same to others as revenge.
Free for All: Absolute Defense Playing absolute defense will guarantee you a 2nd place, but never 1st. In this replay, I have to say I never seen more towers in my life.
4v4: Four Humans Ownage Getting 4 of the same race is quite rare, but this replay shows 4 humans showing who's King.
Solo: Versus Karin-Answer Karin-Answer, at the time, was ranked 2 in solo. Isospeedrix played him in round 1 of a tournament and got utterly raped.
4v4: Bloodlust + Unholy Frenzy In 4v4, buffs become extremely important, as Bloodlust and Unholy Frenzy increase one's attack speed to heavenly amounts.
4v4: A race of Building Destruction Sometimes games will not end up where two armies clash and the victor of the battle wins. Sometimes, it is, whoever kills the opponents' buildings  win. Here, a mere house was standing when the opponent desperately sent whatever they have to kill it.
4v4: Frost Wyrms Frost Wyrms are so overpowered in 4v4 that many players devote to teching to Frosties to seize the win.
Solo: Human Comeback In solo games, it is all about countering what the opponent has. This replay shows the strength of Human Militia allowing to defend off a strong attack.
Solo: Heroes determine it all Warcraft III is different than Starcraft for it's hero system. Typically, a player with higher level heroes has a great upper edge in battle, sometimes, winning the game just with heroes alone. This is an example of this scenario.
2v2 AT: Orc/UD Combo An AT team using Humans and Orcs beats the strongest 2v2 combo: Orcs and Undead, because they have the strongest basic units: Grunts and Fiends.
2v2 AT: Underdogs Sometimes when an AT team starts out (level 1) it becomes matchuped against ranked teams in the level 20s. In cases like these the level 1 team becomes the underdog, but can still win if the level 20s have a bad win percentage.
4v4: Back and Forth Sometimes the games in 4v4 battles are very equal, so the tide shifts back and forth in one' s favor, much like a war of attrition, where expanding and resources become the limit of one's army production.
4v4: DH Bears A very popular tactic with Night Elf is to use Demon Hunter as a starting, powerful base hero, while teching straight to bears, one of the best and most powerful Night Elf Units- it is their only powerhouse melee unit.
Solo: Footmen A casual game between two human players, one of them built only footmen and a few priests to seal victory.
2v2 AT: Wyverns Counter When playing 2v2 and solo, countering units is essential to victory. We see that this matchup is against Night Elf and Orc, which have weak anti air, or, do not build antiair. Orcs and Night Elf usually prefer to get huntresses and grunts. Therefore, realizing the weakness, the winning Orc player gets Wyverns to surprise their all ground army. Note that Dryads are relatively weak against wyverns because of their unarmored armor weak against wyvern's piercing attack.
2v2 AT: Mass Melee (NE/UD) Coming Soon!
4v4: 1v4  Coming Soon!
2v2 AT: Split Attack Coming Soon!
4v4: Reveal Map Coming Soon!

Dota Replays

Name Description
Suicide Techies Many detest this style of gameplay with techies, but this player managed to go beyond godlike. Suicide deaths do not ruin streaks.
Dagon Techies Sometimes laying mines all game can be boring. Perhaps it would be nice and go into battle and fight for a cause.
Vengeful Spirit A decent replay.
Zeus Bug A bug in older versions.
Mega Creep FTW Sometimes your opponent's heroes are so strong it is impossible to fight them directly. However you can still win by taking out their barracks and having Mega Creep for the win. This replays shows this scenario.
Terrorblade: Sunder Dagon A cheap way to use Terrorblade is to equip it with a continuing upgraded Dagon. It's an easy 1 Hit KO. Of course, this is definitely not the proper way to use Terrorblade, but people can have fun sometimes.
PA High Score Occasionally a hero does so well, in either hero killing or farming, that he gets more score than the scourge and sentinel.
32 Kill SA The Stealth Assassin, along with other item dependent heroes such as Razor and Clinks, do extremely well in -sm (shortmode) games.
Darkterror 3x Butterfly This is the replay that corresponds to the #2 item build of Faceless Void. It is the perfect build. Notice how Darkterror starts off bad because of his inability to obtain consistent bashes, but in late game, he is a monster.
Tinker Longest SM In long SM games, item builds become perfect. Here the tinker wields boots of travel, and combined with rearm and March of the Machines, can push anywhere on the map.
Leviathan Rapier Leviathan saves the day by getting a rapier when least expected.
Morphling Necronomicon Before version 6.28, Morphling's Adapt changes his character, which also refreshes all cooldowns much like tinker's rearm ability. This allows morphling to summon multiple pairs of Necronomicon summons, which can be somewhat decent in defense, but definitely doesn't turn the tide as much as some people in the Dota Forums complain about.
Darkterror Comeback Darkterror is a very late game hero. Oftentimes it will get picked on and die in early game, but once he gets the right items (couple bashers) he will suddenly begin to shine. It is not uncommon to see a record go from 0-5 to 15-6.
Krobelus Coming Soon!
Queen of Pain Coming Soon!
Chen/Omni/Rogueknight Coming Soon!
Lich Lane 2v1 Coming Soon!
Team Aegis Bloodseeker Coming Soon!