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Famitsu has a monthly Nico stream, and for their June broadcast they had a special collaboration with Arcadia featuring Guilty Gear Xrd! Top players Ogawa, Koichi, FAB, and Roi were also brought on board for some exhibition matches. I was fully expecting this to get uploaded to Famitsu’s official Youtube account, but it has been almost a month and I’m starting to suspect that it won’t be put up. So I have went ahead and uploaded the Nico archive to an alternate Youtube account, since it might get flagged. Players: FAB(Potemkin), Roi(Sol), Koichi(Millia), Ogawa(Zato)

The official Arc Revolution Cup website just updated with the tourney format for all 3 games. Unfortunately, it’s as I expected: Xrd will be a 1v1 single elimination tourney. There was a bit of protest from the Japanese playerbase in last year’s Arc Revo when this format was used, but I guess it’s hard to justify a teams format for GG when its roster size got reduced from 25 to 14. But interestingly enough, the BB tourney format will be 2on2. Guilty Gear Xrd has been featured in the past two Arcadia issues with some […]

Arc Revolution Cup 2014 has finally been announced! It will feature the 3 main ASW games: Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, Blazblue Chronophantasma, and Persona 4 Ultimax. There will be a special pre Arc Revo event at a-cho happening on 5/3-5/6. GG is on 5/5, and there will be two events: a Beginner’s only 2on2, and a regular Singles tourney. The main Arc Revo qualifiers will be taking place from 6/14 to 8/23. The finals will be held at Tokyo Bigsight TFT on 8/30. Arc Revo is pretty much Japan’s national ASW tournament, so this is […]

Mikado held their 2nd Guilty Gear Xrd singles tournament last night, and they had a special pre-tourney treat for people watching their stream: a big exhibition set between Ogawa, Machaboo, and Nemo! While Nemo has been going to Mikado regularly since the game’s release, Machaboo and especially Ogawa are extremely rare to see. It is pretty amazing to have 3 of the OG gods of the game all gathered in one place. This set of videos is pretty much required watching for all GG fans everyone. Ogawa(Zato) vs Machaboo(Ky) Ogawa(Zato) vs Nemo(Faust) Nemo(Faust) vs Machaboo(Ky)

Ogawa made another appearance on Frieda and Fubarduck’s stream show Amalgame TV yesterday to learn Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3!  I wonder if he’s going to become a regular guest from now on.  It seems he’s settled on a team of Wesker, Vergil, and Nova.  This time, other than training mode, he also plays some netplay matches and a few sets against Frieda’s Zero/Sentinel/Vergil team.