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4Gamer has the goods.  This comes from a location test at AM Show, and the quality is surprisingly good considering it’s shaky cam.  Kanji, Yukiko, and Chie are featured.  Kanji has a command throw, as I expected.  And Chie has Jam’s Ryujin, much to no one’s surprise.  She also seems to have some sort of parry or counter move, and she has Agneyastra and God’s Hand as supers.  She has a rage super as well.  Yukiko has several moves that look like Minagi’s from Eternal Fighter Zero, and she has a super that’s like a […]

Finally, there are some very high quality screenshots of the Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena at andriasang.  Seems like the protagonist is going to be using his anime name 鳴上 悠 Yuu Narukami instead of his manga name.  I’m really curious about that character select screenshot though: one of the options is Persona, so maybe that means some characters have more than 1 available?  It’d be really cool to be able to use Izanagi-no-Okami or Chie’s Suzuka Gongen.  Letting you choose whether to keep glasses on or off is a nice touch, too. […]

Persona 4 fighter!

Persona 4 has been getting a lot of love lately.  The anime is going to air very soon, and just yesterday a handheld version of Persona 4 was announced for the Playstation Vita, with new additions like more voiceclips, more cutscenes, alternate costumes like the ones in Persona 3 FES, and a new character Mary who will be voiced by Kana Hanazawa(fuwafuwaru~).  I was hoping one of the new features would be the ability to play as a female main character, but it seems as if this won’t happen.  Persona 5 was also confirmed to […]