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Mago and Tokido’s Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition stream show Topanga TV had some very special guests today, Kazunoko(aka Inoue) and top Ky/Testament player Machaboo of Guilty Gear fame!  Tokido was not in attendance this time, so Bonchan took his place instead.  Inoue seems to be a regular guest on this show now, but Machaboo was a surprise(for me, at least) as I had no idea he played SSFIV AE.  He plays Fei Long, and shows up at around 49 minutes in.  He starts of by playing a few netplay matches, and then later […]

Frieda and Fubarduck’s fighting game stream show Amalgame TV had a very special guest 2 days ago: Ogawa!  Tune in to watch them teach the best Eddie in the world and one of the best GG players in general how to play Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.  From what I hear, Ogawa actually played a bit of MvC2 so he isn’t entirely new to the series.

If you were watching Sp00ky’s stream for Season’s Beatings: Velocity this weekend, you may have caught the premiere of this amazing combo video right after the end of SSFIV AE grand finals.  Produced by everyone’s favorite combo video maker Maj and edited by Keiko, this 6 minute video shows off some hilarious 100% combos in fighting games from all over.  But the reason I’m posting about it is in the choice of background music: it’s “The Irony of Chaste” from Guilty Gear XX Isuka, also known as the name of my site!

Tougeki 2011

So Tougeki 2011 has come and passed.  Ever since 2007, it has been downsizing every year and 2011 is perhaps the most drastic example, with the lineup getting cut down to just 4 games.  Sadly Guilty Gear was taken out of the lineup, which was both expected and a surprise at the same time.  It’s expected in the sense that it’s a fairly old game with a steadily shrinking scene, but it’s also a surprise because GG is consistently among the most hype tournaments at every Tougeki.  I believe that one of the reasons is […]

4Gamer has the goods.  This comes from a location test at AM Show, and the quality is surprisingly good considering it’s shaky cam.  Kanji, Yukiko, and Chie are featured.  Kanji has a command throw, as I expected.  And Chie has Jam’s Ryujin, much to no one’s surprise.  She also seems to have some sort of parry or counter move, and she has Agneyastra and God’s Hand as supers.  She has a rage super as well.  Yukiko has several moves that look like Minagi’s from Eternal Fighter Zero, and she has a super that’s like a […]