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a-cho had a very special event for Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code Ver 1.07 on the day of and before Christmas Eve!  They had a singles tourney, a 3on3, and a 3on3 same character tournament to celebrate Melty Blood’s 5th year anniversary in arcades.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long since the game has grown out of its doujin roots and gone commercial. So a-cho decided to give us a Christmas gift and release the videos for the singles tourney really quickly: literally a day after!  All of Top 32 was […]

Yuzuji has released even more Archetype Earth footage from Day 1 of MBAACC Ver 1.07!  Top Warc and Ryougi player Leo joins the mix this time with his F-Archetype. Leo(F-Archetype), Ashe(F-Archetype), Niiya(C-Archetype), Supe(H-Archetype), SAT(CF-Nero), Nikki(C-Arc), Uru(C-Nanaya)

Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code Ver 1.07 just came in arcades out on the 14th, and Yuzuji spent about 5 hours at Mikado the day of release streaming it.  The new character Archetype Earth, or just Princess Arc, is being played in her Full moon style by top player Ashe in this video excerpt.  She’s a very elegant character.  I love her flight abilities too; no character in Melty Blood has ever had that.  There’s an exhibition of her Last Arc and some simple BNB combos in the beginning of the video. Niiya and […]

Komidol from MeltyBread has been in Japan for a while, and attended the 2011 HydraGP event for Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code!  This was a semi invitational tournament for MBAACC Ver 1.05 , capped at 64 players held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industry Trade Center.  The Ecole CEO was in attendance, and it was also the first event with MBAACC Ver 1.07 available to play. You can read Komidol’s lengthy write up of the event and the followup party at his blog here.  Japanese speakers can also go to the official writeup on the […]

Shinjuku Joybox is an arcade that is familiar to many non-Japanese, as it has a Youtube account that is known for putting up hours and hours of videos for several fighting games.  Recently it has fallen prey to the decline of arcades, as it closed shop on the 18th of August.  Joybox is known as the main arcade for the Kanto Melty Blood scene, so they held a special Red vs White event as a final sendoff on the day of closing.  For those of you that don’t know what red vs white is, it’s […]