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Millia by Potato

Millia by Potato

Now that AC+R has been out for a while, I figure I should come out of my cave again and post the complete change list for Millia.  The only other English language change list is sourced from the 2nd location test, so this should be more up to date.  Everything here is taken from Millia’s ACR changes page in the Japanese GGXX Wiki, which as of this date was last updated on October 9th.

Basic changes

  • Backdash invulnerability down from 7f->5f
  • Can now back air dash cancel

New moves

j.2h: return of the Milliacopter

j.214k: K version of Silent Force added. Comes down at a sharper angle

214d: Forcebreak Secret Garden added.  Starts up much faster, animation similar to EX Millia’s

j.2141236h: aerial Winger added.  Similar to EX Millia’s

6p can now be jump cancelled

5s(c) improved hitbox: has more forward reach

5s(f) can now be jump cancelled

2s active frames increased from 2f->4f


  • Now prorates 90%(previously 100%)
  • Damage down from 40->36
  • Untechable time decreased from 25f->20f


  • Startup decreased from 10f->9f
  • Guard meter decrease from 10->7


  • New gatling: j.k can now gatling and combo into j.h
  • Hitbox weakened
  • Startup increased from 11f->12f


  • Startup increased from 11f->17f
  • Damage increased from 30->48
  • Attack level increased from 3->4
  • Guard meter decrease from 9->6
  • Now prorates 80%
  • Wallbounces on hit in corner
  • Wallbounces on counterhit(XX to Slash style)
  • Untechable time increased from 23f->38f
  • Cannot be jump cancelled anymore

Special moves


  • In counterhit state during 1f~15f
  • Can pick up the pin during roll
  • Low profile is now on frame 2(previously frame 1)

214s(Lust Shaker): command is now 214s ONLY.  Cannot mash s to get this attack anymore

214h(Secret Garden): ball disappears if Millia is hit

j.214s/h(Silent Force)

  • After pin is thrown, it cannot be picked up for a certain amount of time.  During this time, the pin will look normal.  When it can be picked up, it will glitter.
  • All versions of Silent Force have recovery decreased by 3f
  • Untechable time increased from 28f->33f

Force breaks


  • Startup decreased from 12f->5f
  • Causes wallstick on hit in corner

236d(Pretty Maze)

  • Millia now floats in the air during startup(similar to EX Millia)
  • FRC point added between 6f~8f
  • No longer affects guard bar
  • Disc now guaranteed to appear on frame 22(previously frame 4)

j.236d(Air Pretty Maze)

  • Startup decreased from 15f->13f
  • Disc is now guaranteed to appear on frame 12(previously frame 4)
  • Untechable time increased from 40f->50f
  • Recovery time is now 23f


2141236h(Winger): last hit causes groundslide

From this list and the videos I’ve seen, Millia seems really strong.  All of the things that made her good in Accent Core are still present in +R and the various nerfs she got don’t really change her overall gameplan.  She still has the same options along with some cool new tools to play with.  I admit that I’ll miss the old FB Pretty Maze: the new animation of this move gives her less time to mix up the opponent.  Backdash invincibility getting shortened also hurts but it just means she will have to be even more careful on defense.

Her neutral game in this version is much stronger, purely because of the change to one move: jump dust!  You can probably already tell from how many lines j.d takes up in the list, but this move has been drastically changed.  In neutral, j.d is now a much bigger threat than it was in AC, because it now wallbounces on counter hit.  So she can get a full combo instead of a simple knockdown.  It even wallbounces on normal hit, which is hilarious.  But she can only follow that up if it is in corner.

I’m also pretty happy that a number of the changes addressed some of my pet peeves with playing Millia.  Particularly when 2k5s fails to combo at seemingly random distances, when 6p antiair can’t be followed up because of distance/weird opponent hitbox, and the low active frames of 2s.  The improvements to 5s, 6p, and 2s pretty much fix all of these personal annoyances.  The jump cancel point on 5s(f) is also nice, but I’m not sure how useful it will be?  It will at least make her ground poking game a little better.

One thing that I know for sure is that she will be easier to play than her AC incarnation.  Because of the drastic slowdown of j.d’s startup, j.kd no longer works, which pretty much makes all of her old combos obsolete.  The only way she can combo into j.d now is after pin or air FB disc.  I almost dread the day that AC+R comes out in the west because I know I’m going to have to spend hours upon hours re-writing the Millia combo page.  However, since she has the Milliacopter back in the form of j.2h, her combos are now much easier to do and not as character specific.  It also means that her abare is better because she can convert random hits into full combo + knockdown more often now.  If not full combo, then at least knockdown.  That’s more important for her anyway.

If Millia gets changed even more in Ver 1.01, I will update this post accordingly.  Until next time!

Woshige has been resurfacing in videos lately, with his great performance in the Sekai Saikyou Ketteisen event in Mikado and the following a-cho GGXXAC 5on5 the week after.  And recently, the GAMEacho Youtube account has given us a great treat in the form of nearly 5 hours of the post 5on5 GGXX casuals!  The second video is especially delicious, as it has an hour and a half of Woshige playing against Roi Sol, N-O Venom, and Nage Faust.  Top level play here, and required viewing for all Millia players.

It has truly been a long time since Woshige has shown up in a Guilty Gear video.  It has also been a long time since I’ve posted here!  Mikado’s upcoming Kanto Saikyou Ketteisen GG event seems to have brought a lot of the old players back, and now Woshige is among one of them, as he joined the April 6th GG ranbat at a-cho.  Unfortunately, only Top 8 was recorded, and you can see his only match against Mokkun Jam here.  He was also recorded in the post ranbat casuals on the GAMEacho account here.  It’s nice to see that after all this time, Woshige has still got it!

Dizzy by Mifuji

Dizzy by Mifuji

This is getting truly ridiculous now.  Yet ANOTHER Youtube account filled with GG videos, Camolescroc, has been taken down.  He had a ton of GGXXAC Mikado videos from 2010, as well as most of the AC Johnny combo videos.  I’m starting to think that there’s someone going around purposely reporting GG Youtube accounts, because so many of them have gone down in a short period of time.

Anyway, this small update isn’t all bad news, because it seems like some people have responded to the loss of all these GG Youtube accounts!  kilsjj seems to be a Daigo Umehara fanboy, uploading a ton of old Umehara matches, including several of his old videos playing #R Sol.  Neckohime isn’t exactly a new channel, but it has a ton of old #R match videos that were lost on Kusoru’s accounts.  Finally, kratosonator has recently been uploading a ton of classic #Reload matches, and it doesn’t look like he’s gonna stop anytime soon!

Since many of the #R Millia match videos in that section are now dead links, I will be working throughout the week to fix them.  Stay tuned for more updates!

I have some terrible news to report.  It was recently brought to my attention that Youtube accounts getterbeeeeeeeeeeemturetanjanaituttandabigooooooohh, and MDKXL have been removed for multiple violations of Youtube’s copyright policy.  I believe those first 3 accounts belong to Japanese Sol player Kusoru.  They were basically the biggest and most complete archives of Guilty Gear XX #Reload, Slash, and Accent Core videos on the Internet.  MDKXL is filmzee’s new Youtube account, which was dedicated to archival of Accent Core combo videos.  All of these accounts each contained thousands of videos, and I know that they all contained a fair amount of combo videos, which are pretty dangerous to upload to Youtube nowadays because of copyrighted music.  Their Content ID technology is pretty serious, and Youtube just removes accounts without a warning if there are multiple videos with copyrighted music.

It’s pretty sad to see these accounts go down, especially considering all the time that the uploaders must have spent getting those videos up.  Kusoru’s accounts had a ton of great match videos that are impossible to find now.  I guess the one thing we can take from this is that if you want your Youtube account to last, don’t upload combo videos or anything  that has popular music in it.

Many of the videos that I linked in the Millia match video pages are from these accounts, so there’s going to be a lot of dead links now.  I’ll see if I can find replacement videos, but it’s going to be pretty difficult.