Back when AC+R first got released, Inoue mentioned on his Twitter that he was interested in playing Kliff. And it seems we finally have some footage of it in the newest Mikado sets! He is featured in Volume 39 of Megalodon’s Mikado casual matches compilation, which you can see in the Compilation Videos page. He also shows up in the 11/15 Mikado singles tourney under the alias Kyoukyarachu and in the 11/17 3on3 tourney as his more widely known Street Fighter name, Kazunoko: you can see these in the 2012 Videos page. Inoue briefly alluded to this on his Twitter the day of the tournament, saying that he purposely signed up under a different alias. But people were able to figure out it was him anyway! As expected, Inoue’s Kliff is ridiculous so if you are at all interested in learning about this character, this is required viewing.