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Megalodon has completed the 9th volume of his TRF and Mikado GGXX Matome series, showcasing a bunch of hilarious moments from their ranbats in the years past.  It’s a great watch as usual, though I wish he did a better job of looping Blue Water Blue Sky. 【ニコニコ動画】高田馬場ミカド GGXX AC ランバトまとめ動画9 He also made a Satou matome, which is pretty much a must watch for any Johnny players! 【ニコニコ動画】GGXX AC さとぅ~(JO) まとめ動画 Both of these videos have been added to the Compilation Videos page. I haven’t been posting updates on it, but Jonio has been […]

The Showdown series is this big GG tournament that the Swedish Guilty Gear community holds every so often.  Many of the top European players usually make it out, so it’s a good display of competitive GG play outside of Japan.  This year for Destination: Showdown, they’ve managed to prepare a nice surprise for us in the form of special guest N-O!  That’s right, N男(N-O or N-Otoko, whatever you like), one of the best GG players of all time and THE Venom is attending!  This event will be streamed on Teamoulu’s twitch channel, so be sure […]

The annual a-cho GGXX AC 5on5 videos are out only a mere 3 days after the event!  AMAZING play here, with several of the battles going down to the final round of the final match between the final members of each team!  Some of the Kanto players like Satou and Nage managed to make it too.  I also want to make a special mention for Dogura, who played much better in this event compared to his disappointing performance in last week’s Sekai Saikyou Ketteisen.  I guess a week was all he needed to shake off […]

JusticeTang has uploaded more videos of the Skullgirls voice actresses playing through the game!  This time the two who were missing in action last time, Christine Marie Cabanos and Cristina Vee, voice actreses of Filia and Cerebella, join the fray!  They’re also joined by the Egret voice actors, who do an amazing job during the story mode segments.  Finally, Mike Z stops by and gives some fighting game and Skullgirls lessons with hilarious results.

This is a very interesting week for Kansai arcade a-cho as they have a ton of events lined up for the airdash fighters!  5/3 was their annual Melty Blood a-cho cup event, 5/4 was a Guilty Gear XX Accent Core 5on5, and the rest of the weekend has a bunch of Blazblue events.  I was expecting them to stream all of these on their ustream, but much to my disappointment it didn’t happen!  Maybe they didn’t want to conflict with KVO or something. In any case, even if the events weren’t streamed, a-cho is doing […]