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Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code Ver 1.07 just came in arcades out on the 14th, and Yuzuji spent about 5 hours at Mikado the day of release streaming it.  The new character Archetype Earth, or just Princess Arc, is being played in her Full moon style by top player Ashe in this video excerpt.  She’s a very elegant character.  I love her flight abilities too; no character in Melty Blood has ever had that.  There’s an exhibition of her Last Arc and some simple BNB combos in the beginning of the video. Niiya and […]

Megalodon’s newest vid in his compilation series of Mikado casual matches features Satou Johnny running the gauntlet against Mikado regulars!  A must watch for any Johnny players. Satou(Johnny) vs Machaboo(Testament), OsakaB(Faust), Mitsurugi(Zappa), Nage(Faust), Kobayashi(Millia)

Probably the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.  Some of you might know Chiaki Takahashi as voicing the very hot Litchi from Blazblue or everyone’s favorite idol Azusa Miura from Idolmaster.  Here she is on a talk show where the host and her both decide to have a panda sketching competition, with some hilarious results.

Tons of new Skullgirls stuff from GameTrailers today.  First off is Mike Z showing off the newest announced character in the roster, Ms. Fortune!  She’s a very interesting character and is basically the shadow character of the game, like GG’s Eddie and BB’s Carl.  Also featured in the video is the new character select screen, which looks really great.  I want a wallpaper size image of Parasoul’s background image. The other video is Mike Z showing off Parasoul, which is more or less what we’ve seen before in earlier footage.  There’s some good insight on […]

Komidol from MeltyBread has been in Japan for a while, and attended the 2011 HydraGP event for Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code!  This was a semi invitational tournament for MBAACC Ver 1.05 , capped at 64 players held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industry Trade Center.  The Ecole CEO was in attendance, and it was also the first event with MBAACC Ver 1.07 available to play. You can read Komidol’s lengthy write up of the event and the followup party at his blog here.  Japanese speakers can also go to the official writeup on the […]