A Very Skullgirls Halloween by Alex Ahad

The crew at Reverge Labs have cooked up an extra special Fanart (not) Friday for Halloween!  Halloween is my favorite day of the year and it’s always fun to see fan artists draw fictional characters celebrating the holiday.  Ms. Fortune as Catgirl is an amazing fit.  The picture above was drawn by Alex Ahad in 2006.  Parasoul has a delicious cosplay of Morrigan, Umbrella is Lilith, Ms. Fortune is the headless horseman from Sleepy Hollow, Filia is Sadako from The Ring, Painwheel is Tinkerbell, Peacock is Inspector Gadget, Squiggly is the Corpse Bride, and Cerebella is an angel from Evangelion.

The 5 announced SG characters cosplaying Princess Bride by A Bad Idea