Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code Ver 1.07 just came in arcades out on the 14th, and Yuzuji spent about 5 hours at Mikado the day of release streaming it.  The new character Archetype Earth, or just Princess Arc, is being played in her Full moon style by top player Ashe in this video excerpt.  She’s a very elegant character.  I love her flight abilities too; no character in Melty Blood has ever had that.  There’s an exhibition of her Last Arc and some simple BNB combos in the beginning of the video. Niiya and Supe also show off the Crescent and Half Moon versions of Princess Arc later on in the vid.

1p: Yuzuji(F-Seifuku), Mecha?(F-WLen), Taa(F-Len), Niiya(C-Archetype), SAT(C-Nero), Sushi(C-Nero), Uru(C-Nanaya), Supe(H-Archetype)
2p: Ashe(F-Archetype)