4Gamer has the goods.  This comes from a location test at AM Show, and the quality is surprisingly good considering it’s shaky cam.  Kanji, Yukiko, and Chie are featured.  Kanji has a command throw, as I expected.  And Chie has Jam’s Ryujin, much to no one’s surprise.  She also seems to have some sort of parry or counter move, and she has Agneyastra and God’s Hand as supers.  She has a rage super as well.  Yukiko has several moves that look like Minagi’s from Eternal Fighter Zero, and she has a super that’s like a fiery version of Magneto’s Magnetic Shockwave.  And damn…  Rise talks a lot.  She’s pretty much making a comment at every given moment in the game.  I can see this getting annoying very quickly.